Besiktas Shipyard

The pride of northern Norway / 08.11.2012

Ytterstad fishing company, located in the northern part of Norway, has acquired a new flagship from the Besiktas Shipyard in Istanbul, Turkey.
The vessel’s main purpose is pelagic fishing utilizing purse seine and pelagic trawl.
The vessel will be 75 m long, 15.40 m wide, and have a loading capacity of 2100 m3.
The vessel can accommodate 20 people.
It is also rigged with highly advanced equipment to offer, additional, special services.
Skipsteknisk AS, located in Ålesund, developed the project, entitled ST 135L, in close cooperation with Ytterstad.
Great resources have been used to equip the vessel with the newest and best solutions related to the health and safety of crew and surrounding environments.
Considerable attention has also been aimed at providing good technical solutions and facilitating the vessel’s utilization for research purposes.
In addition, these solutions will also enable it to perform services for the oil and offshore industry in the Norwegian and Barents Seas.
The vessel has been equipped with a drop keel, enabling the mounting of electronic equipment, like modern day oceanographic ships.
The vessel will have a separate diesel electric propulsion system that can be used during some stages of fishing as well as during research and other special operations.
Two large thrusters in the aft of the vessel will allow dynamic positioning.
The vessel has been further equipped with double passive anti roll tanks.
This will not only better regulate the movements during various operating conditions, but also enhance the crew comfort.
The accommodation is based on modern design and tailored for high demands of noise reduction.
For the time being, a small-scale version of the vessel is being tested on hull and propulsion qualities in order to optimize resistance and fuel consumption.
The building process is expected to start February 2013 and delivered July 2014.