Besiktas Shipyard

PGS fixes new quartet / 13.11.2012

PF THOR has ordered four new seismic support vessels on the back of long-term charters from Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS).
The Faroe Islands-based shipowner has ordered the ships at Besiktas in Turkey with deliveries due to start in the third quarter of 2014.
PGS has agreed to take the ships for ten-years each with options to extend the charter for an undisclosed period.
It says the new vessels are purpose designed for seismic support services in order to improve efficiency at sea for its seismic vessels.
“They offer a wide range of capabilities, including ice class 1A, passenger capacity for transporting a full seismic crew, extra work boat, towing capability and ability to carry and transfer fuel oil at sea,” it said.
“Equipped with modern, efficient propulsion systems the vessels will perform their tasks with minimal fuel consumption, enabling fuel cost savings up to 60% from the vessels we use today.”
PGS says the new ships will replace older, inefficient, capacity as well as adding necessary support for the new Ramform Titan ships, the first of which will be delivered in 2013.
“The new line of support vessels will ensure a safer and more efficient level of support to our seismic fleet,” said PGS chief executive Jon Erik Reinhardsen.
“Our long standing cooperation with PF THOR makes us comfortable that the vessels will be operated in the most efficient manner.”
PF THOR chief executive Hans Andrias Joensen said the company has been providing services to PGS for the last 14 years and the cooperation has been very good.
“We view this contract and opportunity as a great compliment and endorsement from PGS, inspiring us to continuously provide the high quality and flexible services that is expected of us,” he said.
Principal particulars of the new DNV Ice Class +1A vessels include a length overall of 64.4 metres and a beam of 14.5 metres.
Propulsion will be derived from a package of four 1,000-hp diesel engines. Each vessel will also have accommodation for 60 people.
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