Besiktas Shipyard
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  • Principles
  • Maximum Customer Satisfaction
  • Minimum Environmental Defaults
  • Zero Accidents
  • Complying With the Scheduling
  • Minimize Cost & Minimize Cost & Maximize Quality
  • Constant Improvement, Optimum Productivity

Our Mission

Our Vision

Company Policy

ISO 27001

Carrying out new building and ship repair activities in full compliance with the national and international rules, regulations and standards; by keeping customer satisfaction, environmental and occupational health & safety in the forefront; by being open to innovative ideas in the light of continuous improvement and proactive approach, by reaching total quality, safety and environment excellence, without making any concessions from the professional ethics and principles; by ensuring active participation of all employees in a corporate structure and under the top level professionalism with fair and reliable management system together with the most competent staff; by pioneering new implementations to stand as a model of shipyard operation and management systems.
By adopting the understanding of Zero Incident - Zero Pollution and 100% Customer Satisfaction as its motto and by combining this philosophy with professionalism, BESIKTAS SHIPYARD, is becoming a leader in the national market and a respectable and reliable new building & repair shipyard in the international market.
Aims to implement ship building and repair activities by keeping customer satisfaction, environment and health and safety at work on forefront and in line with continual improvement and being innovator and leadership in industry. Within this scope our company policy is:
In accordance with national and international regulations; to ensure production at the highest quality and the most reasonable cost in scheduled time, to guarantee the safety of customer and products and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction
To follow up and to conduct implementation of laws and regulations related to quality, environment, health and safety and customer satisfaction/ complaints handling standards on a regular basis
To train all employees involved in every facilities of BEŞİKTAŞ about quality, environment, health and safety and customer satisfaction/ complaints to ensure the development of the company’s culture
To ensure continual improvement of employees and contribution of the employees to company’s culture development
To define all potential risks related to health and safety issues, to take measures to prevent from accidents, occupational diseases and losses of man power by managing such risks systematically, and thus to create a healthy and safe working place respectful to the environment
To staff all our management and production positions with experienced and expert employee who can follow up and implement the technologic developments and carry awareness for responsibility, and take initiative when necessary
To choose safe and environment friendly operations instead of operations harmful to human health and environment, to ensure reduction of waste in place and to prevent unnecessary consumption of natural resources
To ensure health and safety of the employees, subcontractors and visitors within the boundaries of shipyard
To take the necessary and adequate measures so as to be ready for the natural disasters and emergencies, to set up a structuring plan for making cooperation with the institutions and corporations in our region under the scope of joint and efficient response
To put targets about quality, environment, health and safety and customer satisfaction/ complaints, to review the effectiveness of targets, to plan continual improvement and put improvements into practice
General Manager
We, Beşiktaş Tersane A.Ş. believe that increasing managerial productivity and efficiency is quite important in order to reach our mission-vision and company’s strategic targets.
Therefore; we adopt ensuring and maintaining information security as a principle in processes creating BGYS (Information Security Management system) scope we offered to our partners and shareholders.
Our main objectives;
To minimize possibility of having information security violation incident, answering in a coordinated way in case of having,
To prevent interruptions to have in critical work processes, to make workable again in targeted rescuing duration when it can’t be prevented
Providing all work processes to be integrated, balanced and harmonious
Observing all legal regulations concerning information security, ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Standard and agreement made with third parties (parties, clients, suppliers),
Ensuring secrecy, integration and accessibility of our shareholder’s information in scope of Information Security Management System
Protecting our brand value and reputation at our employees, clients, suppliers and public
Ensuring Information Security Management System to recover continuously
General Manager