Besiktas Shipyard
Besiktas Group has concentrated on building high value ships since 2001 and has cooperated with Swedish tanker owners to design Ice Class 1A tankers.
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Before the first steel cutting in 2008 took place in Besiktas Shipyard, Besiktas Group has built 21 tankers as project manager and builder of these vessels coordinating all aspects of shipbuilding by providing the design, equipment, workmanship and full contract responsibilities via using third party facilities.  Most of these high value and sophisticated vessels were handed over to owners and operators worldwide such as Unitankers Denmark, Veritas Rederi Sweden, Sirius Rederi Sweden, Vaderotank Sweden, Groupe Desgagnes Canada, Petromarine France, Socatra France, Prime Commercial Management Sweden, Unifleet Netherlands.  Having provided these services to these first class clients and having the full awareness of the industry standards due the culture received from the ship management arm of the company enabled Besiktas Shipyard being established on a solid ground and a firm reference list.

The current facility where the Besiktas Shipyard is placed, has a ship building capacity of 7 ships per annum up to 30,000 dwt.

After having built the first 4 tankers of 4100 dwt to Besiktas fleet, Besiktas Shipyard mainly has concentrated to special purpose vessels with tailor made solutions in order to diversify the ship building portfolio and act in line with the general strategy to supply value added ships to its clients.

NB32 Fishing Vessel has been delivered to Ytterstad AS (Norway) in February 2015. Click here for 360 degree pictures...


The first attempt was to enter into the gas market.  The contracts received from Gas and Heat of Italy enabled the yard to explore this rather sophisticated and complex arm of shipbuilding.  The 3 vessels handed to Gas and Heat until the end of 2012 will be followed by the 4th unit which is to be delivered in 4th QTR 2013. After this start and good cooperation with Gas and Heat, the yard further proceeded to a more complex field in gas segment and the contract of a 9000 cbm Ethylene Carrier is signed.  This two propelled vessel will be delivered to Galata Shipping in the beginning of 3rd QTR 2013.


The yard has managed to get a firm contract for building a series of sea river type tankers from the biggest river oil transportation company of the Volga Don Channel.  Until beginning of 2013, the yard has handed over 6 x 7100 dwt sea river type vessels to Palmali Shipping.  The yard plans to deliver the 7th unit within the 4th QTR 2013.

Having a good reference in the Caspian market due this top of the line sea river vessels delivered to Palmali and managing to serve also SOCAR of Azerbaijan by delivering some small support boats, Besiktas Shipyard was granted to build a Platform Construction Barge on Palmali account with energy giant Lukoil being the end user.  This 140 X 60 meter and 7000 tons steel weight barge is delivered in the 4th QTR 2012 with an impressive performance lasted only 4 months after steel cutting.


Off shore and fishing markets were also among the concentrated segments. The yard was granted with 3 important contracts in 2012. 

Besiktas first has signed contracts of 2 x TSVs and 1 x MPSV with PALMALI with 2014 deliveries.  These vessels are intended to be used for serving the oil major and energy conglomerate LUKOIL in their operations in Caspian Sea Filanovsky field and both type of 80 meter vessels have multi purpose service capabilities in operations under high ice class conditions, DP2, shallow draft, carrying of various cargoes, rescue, standby and oil recovery functions.

At the same period, Besiktas has managed to receive orders from two different owners of North Europe. YTTERSTAD fishing company, located in the northern part of Norway, decided to acquire their new flagship from Besiktas Shipyard.  The 75 meter long vessel which is to be delivered in 2014 has the main purpose of pelagic fishing utilizing purse seine and pelagic trawl.

The other contract signed was with THOR of Faroe Islands, a company operating various type and size of vessels among which some are serving the seismic research giant Petroleum Geo Services (PGS).  The contract contains 4 units of 65 meter Seismic Support Vessels with four options and deliveries starting 3rd QTR 2014.