Besiktas Shipyard
  • Type
  • Capacity
  • Loa
  • Inner width between walls
  • Max. Draft
  • Height of keel blocks
  • Graving dock
  • 92.000 dwt
  • 235m
  • 40m
  • 6.5m
  • 1.75m
  • Floating dock
  • 92.000 dwt
  • 230m
  • 37m
  • 7.5m
  • 1.5m
  • Floating dock
  • 382m
  • 58m
  • 8m
  • 1.75m
Steel Prefabrication Workshop
Closed fabrication areas of more than 10.000 sqm are equipped with three cnc plasma cutting machinery with upto 100 mm thickness. The crane capacities and heights are designed to build the ship blocks in sections inside the workshop.

The capacity of steel production is 30 tons per day, reaching an annual figure of 12.000 tons.

The lifting capacity is max 80 tons/total of 12 cranes.
The internal height is 30 m.
Storage Facility
The 2.100 sqm storage facility is managed by an online stock program which enables the Shipyard to provide efficient logistic services, for ship building and ship repairing activities, with monitoring of critical stock levels.
Pipe Workshop
The pipe workshop has 1.500 sqm closed area with a capacity up to 2.000 dia – inch/day fabrication of steel, stainless and copper pipes for cargo, ballast, heating and hydraulic systems. The workshop is capable of cold bending and high quality pipe fabrication with dedicated workers. Stainless steel and mild steel pipe works are manufactured in two separated floors.
Blasting and Tank Coating Facilities
The painting workshop area includes the most modern equipments providing painting, blasting, scraping facilities without being affected by dust, humidity and temperature.

Two closed blasting and painting facilities of 2,000 sqm enable blasting and painting processes to be carried out simultaneously regardless of the weather conditions. The Shipyard has comprehensive facilities and experienced team of workers for all kind of blasting works, painting, hydro-jetting up to 2.500 bars and internal tank blasting/coating.

The daily grit blasting capacity is 3.000 sqm SA 1, SA 2 and SA 2.5 location on hulls, holds, tanks and decks, under observation and guarantee of international paint suppliers.
Mechanical Workshops
The workshop has a wide range of machinery to handle mechanical repairs of engines, pumps, heaters, boilers, compressors and gears. Experienced technicians can carry out turbocharger overhauling, reconditioning, retubing, boring, lapping and machining of parts in our facilities. The Shipyard also cooperates with licensed workshops for special tasks such as crankshaft machining.
Offices & Social Areas
Accommodation Inside Shipyard

The Shipyard’s offices, meeting and conference rooms, restaurants, and guest’s rooms allow our Clients and their Representatives to work and stay comfortably inhouse. The Shipyard has a modern guest room floor with 15 rooms available for comfortable accommodation of our Clients. Besiktas Shipyard is able to arrange rooms for Superintendents and Owner’s appointed service engineers. Subject to availability, these rooms are offered by Besiktas free of charge during the repairs of vessels. Next to the rooms, there is one large mess room and a cafeteria serving breakfast and dinner, with international TV channels, billiard and table tennis. Also basketball & football pitch is available whenever the visitors wish to have a break.
Lay Berths & Shore Cranes
Protected by fenders, Shipyard’s jetties are deep enough to accommodate every kind of repair vessels in premises.

A total of one floating crane, two jib cranes, three tower cranes, gantry crane on graving dock, two jib cranes on floating dock with capacities ranging from 20 t to 80 t, are available at berths and docks.

The total berth length is about 1.875 meters with an average draft of 11 m. The depth in yard’s area ranges from 8 meters to 16 meters.
Repair Area
Berth 1:
1 x 35 mt Jib Crane
2 x 16 mt Jib Crane
Berth 3:
1 x 45 mt Jib Crane
1 x 16 mt Jib Crane
1 x 10 mt Tower Crane
Graving Dock :
2 x 100 mt Gantry Crane
1 x 35 mt Jib Crane
1 x 10 mt Tower Crane
Floating Dock 1:
2x 20 mt Jib Crane
Floating Dock 2:
2x 20 mt Jib Crane
Hatch Cover Repair Area :
2 x 35 mt Gantry Crane
2 x 35 mt mt Jib Crane
1 x 10 mt Tower Crane
Floating Crane :
100 mt / 25 mt Floating
New Building Area
Slipway 1:
2 x 150 mt Gantry Crane
2 x 35 mt Gantry Crane
Slipway 2:
2 x 200 mt Gantry Crane
2 x 20 mt Gantry Crane
Flat Zone 1:
2 x 35 mt Gantry Crane
2 x 35 mt Gantry Crane
Flat Zone 2:
2 x 35 mt Gantry Crane
2 x 35 mt Gantry Crane
New Building pier
1 x 10 mt Tower Crane
Berth – Draft
Berth 1 (East):
330 m x 6 - 8 m
Berth 1 (West):
420 m x 9 - 20 m
Berth 2:
75 m x 6 - 8 m
Berth 3:
480 m x 6 - 20 m
Berth 4:
160 m x 3 - 8 m
Berth 5 (East):
150 m x 3 - 6 m
Berth 5 (West):
150 m x 3 - 6 m
Dock 2 Side:
230 m x 8 - 20 m
Dock 3 Side:
230 m x 8 - 20 m