Besiktas Shipyard

3rd Panamax Dock / 12.02.2013

Besiktas Shipyard increased the docking capacity with a new panamax size floating dock. New dock is able to accommodate vessels up to 92.000 DWT.

After a successful year in 2012 with 130 dockings; Besiktas expanded docking capacity from two panamax to three panama size docks, in order to meet the demands from major shipping hubs especially Germany, Italy, Greece, Singapore and Hong Kong.

New dock has 227 meters length, 37 meters width between walls and 7.5 meters draft. There are two jib cranes on sides with a capacity of 20 tons. Located at the end of a newly-built 240 meters pier, yard’s total berthing capacity is increased to 1.875 km. New pier will also have 3 jib cranes with capacities of 16 t, 16 t and 30 t.

After a good start with total 13 repair projects in January including large-scale fire burnt damage repairs and various dockings, Besiktas expects a busy year in 2013. New floating dock is going to provide a good support to cover these demands within the forthcoming years.